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Fred P - Black Jazz Consortium

anyone who followed the development of house music made in the usa in the last decade will certainly have met the art of fred peterkin aka fred p aka black jazz consortium.since a while the new york city native that is working on his very own music for almost 20 years is on everyone's lips as he is releasing some of the gentlest soul infiltrated four-to-the-floor house creations you can get. his musical set phrase isn't new or special as he is often simply melting shuffling percussions with elementary melodies. but he does it in a sense that the heavy used and abused phrase "deepness" finally gets a fresh truthfully new meaning

Olle Bergkvist

Olle Bergkvist is a Swedish producer, DJ and label boss of Trolldans. Early in his carrier, Olle started up after hours clubs in Malmö, the techno capital of Sweden, and in 2012 he brought forth the Trolldans label to focus his own musical vision: Atmospherical soundscapes with contrasts of bliss and melancholia, but also seductive rhythms for dancing, dreaming and disappearing.
Soon Olle was picked up by Inkonst, the main venue for electronic music in Malmö, where the main focus for the monthly Trolldans nights was to highlight female producers and DJ:s (with notable appearances by Dinky, Dasha Rush and Anthea, among others). These days Olle is based in Berlin where he holds recurring Trolldans nights at Arena Club, but he hasn't forgotten about Malmö where he and other artists and DJ:s connected to the label regularly appear at various underground venues.Artist linked with Olle Bergkvist and his Trolldans label:Recondite, Claudio PRC, Svreca, Albert van Abbe, Edanticonf, DJ Skirt

Dj Fiasco

Originating from the CDMX, Dj Knife, Phonyfake and Dj Oyster, are members of the underground group Cuatrocuartos Bestial Crew, and they form Dj Fiasco. Dj Fiasco can be translated as a sound crossword of high and low frequencies, its sessions are a common thread between past and present; sets with a strong charge of improvisation, influenced by jazz, space rock, dub and psychedelia, all translated into house and techno music.The intention of Dj Fiasco is that the music is the protagonist first of all, with the aim of generating a strong emotional charge among attendees influenced by the incessant sound hits of genres such as deep house, acid, dub and Detroit techno.